Academic Booster Club

The Academic Booster Club of East Coweta High School is an organization of students, parents, teachers, counselors, administrators, and business and community leaders who want to improve and support the academic endeavors of the school. Its mission is to support new ideas to improve academics, by providing positive reinforcement to promote and recognize outstanding academic and ethical achievements, deeds and qualities of East Coweta High School students and faculty. The purpose of the booster club is to promote, foster, and facilitate academic achievement. For information, contact the administrative office.

Music Booster Clubs

There is a band booster club that is very active in the support of the music program. For information, contact Mary Collins.

Athletic Booster Clubs

In addition to the academic and music booster clubs are the athletic boosters. East Coweta is proud to have several athletic booster groups: softball, football, basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, baseball, soccer, golf, lacrosse, swim, volleyball, and tennis. These groups are involved in the support and growth of the athletic programs. For information related to the athletic booster clubs, contact the head coach of the specific sport.